Giro d'Italia is coming to One Ford Street

Spring is here & the team of One Ford Street will take you on a tour around Italy
every Thursday until the end of Summer.
We'll visit the main cities of Italy starting in the north with Torino. We will continue the road to Milano, Verona, Venezia, Bologna, and so until finishing with a grand finale in Sardinia's Alghero!!!

Our chef, Stefano Gaspa, will re-create a signature dish from each city. Think of the beautiful classics like Bolognese, Cacio e Pepe, Risotto Milanese & the likes…. Fabio will match each dish with a wine from the region too so you can have a full experience!

$35pp Giro d'Italia special (pasta or main)
& glass of matching wine
Thursday nights, starting 27 September


Join the giro & book your Thursday night with us.

Please like & follow us on Facebook for updates of where we're stopping each week
& what the dishes will be

Buon Appetito!